“Making a lasting and positive difference to the lives of vulnerable young people”

2 Step Beyond - much more than accommodation

We can make a difference

Our support programmes are designed to develop and improve skills to empower the individual to deal with the challenges that prevent successful independent living. Guidance on staying safe – being healthy – enjoying and achieving - making a positive contribution in the community. Programmes are created with the individual in mind with goals that are appropriate to them.

The service we offer includes -

  • 24 hour contact number for young people
  • Liaison with Emergency Duty Teams and Police to continue safeguarding of young person
  • Out of hours back up available 24/7
  • Attendance by 2SB  at statutory meetings
  • Weekly written reports to social work teams

Strategic planning with social work teams at times of heightened risk and vuln Neighbourhoods – community – safety – environmental services

Builds on work done by other agencies in a real world context making it relevant in the lives of the young people.

The theories given in how to control alcohol consumption and substance use, saying no to peer pressures, building self esteem and knowing how to stay safe are often delivered by agencies who are involved in the care team of the individual.

We can support these messages with programmes that are delivered against the backdrop of everyday life – the young person’s life; when peers come to the door or when the young person has over indulged or has given in to old habits. Our team of support workers are on hand to help minimise the negative effects of the young person’s poor choices. Not only are we there to help them face challenges but to help restore balance and to provide support that helps give them the confidence to try again.

Our support programmes begin with an intensive schedule of practical sessions – worksheets and hands on tasks that assess the young person’s strengths and weaknesses, knowledge, self motivation, styles of learning, numeracy and literacy, awareness of risks and physical skills capability. This helps us to formulate the bespoke programme for learning and development that will really make a difference in the lives of the young people.

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Placement package 2

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Placement package 4

Intensive 8 week occupancy.  Can be up to 2 young people at a time
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