“Making a lasting and positive difference to the lives of vulnerable young people”

Placement Package 2

Emergency accommodation

Scenario – your young person’s accommodation has broken down due to their behaviour.  They require accommodation quickly.  Their current behaviour (and previous history) eliminates many options and the B&B option could place them and others at risk. Despite their behaviour, they are vulnerable and unless behaviour and attitude change, they are at risk of becoming homeless.

Our Placement Package Two provides the emergency accommodation they need but with night time support which safeguards and offers appropriate support. If deemed necessary, support during the day can be provided as well as the night support.  We can accommodate with up to 24 hours a day support.
Live web link cctv is provided as an extra safeguarding measure.

Your young person can remain in this placement with this level of support for up to four weeks, giving time for you to establish the appropriate accommodation for your young person.

If you wish 2SB to continue to accommodate your young person we will work with you to establish the appropriate level of support depending on their progress during their time in emergency accommodation.

If we have space available we will do our utmost to respond to immediate accommodation requests.  We can guarantee the provision of accommodation within 24 hours of request.