“Making a lasting and positive difference to the lives of vulnerable young people”

Placement Package 4

Intensive 8 week programme

The aim of this programme is to provide intensive support with accommodation that will suit those who need intervention to prevent further negative consequences such as remand or where their behaviour will lead to them coming to harm.

It will be important for the young person to understand what is expected of them on this programme.  If they fail to engage with the support or comply with the regulations an alternative accommodation option will need to be sought.  However, with participation from the young person, we believe that this project offers a real chance for change and development that will help them move on into accommodation with a lower level of support.

For the first four weeks of the programme, 2SB staff will be present 24 hours a day. 

The first two weeks will have a structured programme that runs from 9am to 11pm, which will include an appropriate level of free time if the young person wishes.  At this stage the young person will be accompanied by a support worker when leaving the property.  We will take into consideration any curfews and bail conditions

In this initial phase, the young person will be expected to be with the support workers and participate in the ability unless they attend college or have appointments with other agencies.  Our support can facilitate attendance if necessary.  We will work in partnership with these agencies to endorse the messages that they are giving to the young person.

Weeks 3 & 4 Staff will remain on site 24/7 but there will be agreed times when the young person can independently leave the property.   2SB will monitor the young person’s progress and can intervene at any point with appropriate support where necessary.

Weeks 5 & 6.  The young person will be permitted time alone both in and outside of the property. This will be monitored to assess how the individual copes with the responsibility and appropriate intervention will be brought in where necessary.   Staff will be on standby for rapid response and the premises will have live web connection with the CCTV for safeguarding.

Week  7.  2SB staff will be on standby with live CCTV connection.  The occupant will have one night without support and time each day with our staff.

Week 8.   As above but reduce to two nights without staff support.

Support Programmes include assessment and development of practical self care skills, numeracy, literacy and development of interests and skill based development such as media, catering, car mechanics and craft learning.  We will also provide support with substance misuse management, anger management, victim awareness.

Throughout the programme we will work with the placing authority to prepare the young person for a move on and will explore options for accommodation. 

If the suitable choice is to remain with 2SB from Week 9 the young person may move into one of our other properties and will continue with five nights’ supervision and three hours a day support. This will continue for two weeks and depending on their progress will taper off (along the lines of Placement Package One)

with  a corresponding reduction in the cost to the placing authority.  Live web CCTV connection will continue until it has been assessed that risks have been reduced and needs have been met.  During this time staff will be on standby should any problematic situations that may arise.